Why Us?

Farm to table breakfast


We offer a true farm to table menu.  Many places advertise a "farm to table" menu but buy their items from someone they do not personally know or have no idea where their products really come from.  We grow our own parsley, chives, mint, and tomatoes right here.  All our breakfast meats are supplied by a lifelong friend of ours who owns a meat market and raises his very own beef cattle fed by his own crops.  Our breads and pastries are made from scratch and our in season apples, strawberries and blueberries are provided by personal friends of ours who are fruit farmers.  

guest kitchen


Our full guest kitchen.  We understand it can be expensive to get away these days so we provide a full kitchen that allows 24 hour access by our guests and has a stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and all the utensils you need to make a meal or snack on some munchies.  There is even a table with four chairs AND our Keurig machine is always stocked for your convenience!

Seneca Lake View


Our wraparound front porch with lighting and ceiling fans offers a view of the lake while relaxing in some wicker rockers or chaise.  If you would like to snack on the porch there is also a glass topped table and chairs.  For a little more elevated view, we provide an outside sitting area for two off the upstairs hallway.

What a great place to watch the sailboats, tour boats, or just enjoy the calm and peaceful water.  

The Gazebo


Feel free to rest in our gazebo out in the back yard next to the creek.  At dusk, the gazebo lights come on automatically so you literally don't have to lift a finger.

The Back Deck

The back deck.  Our brand new deck is located off the guest kitchen and offers over 575 square feet of relaxation.  

Bring back​ some take out or enjoy some cool drinks at the table under the umbrella or sun bathe on a lounge chair.    The choice is yours!



Would you like to take a nice stroll into the village for dinner and not have to worry about downtown parking?  No problem!  Park the car out in front and enjoy the scenery as the marina, shopping, and restaurant district is a short 10 minute walk from our front door.